Element14 | Fortnite 32 Player KR Tournament


  • The tournament will be played in the standard Battle Royale mode with duos, and building will be enabled.

Lobby Setup:

  • All players will register individually, and duos will be randomly assigned before each match.

Scoring System:

  • The scoring system will be based on the total number of kills obtained by each player. Each kill represents 1 point.

Match Duration:

  • The tournament will consist of a single-elimination format, where each match determines which player advances to the next round based on who scores more kills than the other.

Match Schedule:

  • Matches will be played according to a predetermined schedule, with specific times allotted for each round.

Reporting Kills:

  • At the end of each match, each person in the duos must each report the total number of kills to the tournament organizer or an assigned referee.

Points Allocation:

  • Points will be awarded based on the number of kills obtained by each duo. For example:
  • 1 kill: 1 point
  • Staying Alive Bonus: 5 points

Building Rules:

  • Duos are allowed to build and use all available building materials and structures within the game. There are no restrictions on building techniques or strategies.

Single Elimination:

  • Each match is a single elimination, meaning the person in the duo with fewer kills at the end of the match is eliminated from the tournament.

Randomly Selected Teammates:

  • Before each match, duos will be randomly assigned to create a new pairing of players for that particular match.

Advancing Teammate with Most Kills:

  • In case of a tie in kills within a duo, the teammate with the most kills will advance to the next round. If there is still a tie, additional tiebreakers may be used, such as total damage dealt or survival time.

Fair Play:

  • All participants must adhere to fair play principles, including refraining from cheating, exploiting glitches, or using any unauthorized third-party software.


  • In case of disconnection or technical issues, the match will continue if it's possible to reconnect. If not, the affected duo may be considered eliminated, and the match will proceed accordingly.