Element14 | UFC 4 Tournament Rules

    • This will be an in person tournament at Element14.
    • Tournament will be played in Online Exhibition matches mode using Standard MMA Fight Rules.
    • 3 Rounds Using Real-Time Clock (Except for Finals, Finals will be 5 Rounds).
    • Created Fighters will not be allowed.
    • Tournament will be a double elimination format.
    • Finals will be played as a 5 round event.
    • At the end of each match each player must report the end score to the tournament Element14 Team.

Match Duration:

    • Each round will be 5 minutes with a total of three rounds (except for finals).
    • Finals will have 5 rounds at 5 minutes per round.
    • Pausing during a match is prohibited.
    • If a pause occurs, both players must agree to pause.
    • In the event of a disconnection, the game will be restarted with the same characters.
    • If the disconnection happens multiple times or cannot be resolved, tournament organizers will determine the appropriate course of action.
      • Coaching during matches is not allowed.
      • Players must compete on their own without assistance from others.

      Reporting Results:

        • Winners of each match must report the results to the tournament organizers promptly.
        • Players are expected to maintain good sportsmanship throughout the tournament.
        • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including harassment, cheating, or disrespect towards opponents, will not be tolerated.
      Tournament Admin:
        • Tournament organizers will oversee the event, resolve disputes, and enforce the rules.
        • Their decisions are final and should be respected by all participants.