Element14| Tekken 8 Rules

    • The tournament will be a double elimination format, which means players will have two chances before being eliminated.
    • Matches will be played in a one-versus-one format.
    • All matches will be played on the latest version of Tekken 8.
    • Matches will be best of 3 until we reach Top 4
    • Players who reach top 4 in tournament will play Best of 5 in the last matches.
    • Players will be randomly seeded at the beginning of the tournament.
    • Seeds will determine the initial matchups for the first round.

    Match Settings:

      • Tournament Mode Default Options
      • Game Timer: 90 Seconds
      • Arena Select Off
      • Character Selection:Players are free to choose any character available in the game. Players may switch characters between matches if they desire.
      • Interectables: On
      • Variations: Tournament Mode Variations
      • Pausing during a match is prohibited.
      • If a pause occurs, the pausing player will forfeit the current match.
      • In the event of a disconnection, the game will be restarted with the same characters.
      • If the disconnection happens multiple times or cannot be resolved, tournament organizers will determine the appropriate course of action.
        • Coaching during matches is not allowed.
        • Players must compete on their own without assistance from others.

        Reporting Results:

          • Winners of each match must report the results to the tournament organizers promptly.
          • Players are expected to maintain good sportsmanship throughout the tournament.
          • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including harassment, cheating, or disrespect towards opponents, will not be tolerated.
        Tournament Admin:
          • Tournament organizers will oversee the event, resolve disputes, and enforce the rules.
          • Their decisions are final and should be respected by all participants.