Element14 | Rocket League 2v2 Rules

1. Tournament Format:

  • Game: Rocket League
  • Format: 2v2
  • Bracket Type: Double Elimination
  • Platform: PC

2. Team Registration:

  • Each team must consist of 2 players.
  • Only one ticket for the entire Team.
  • Teams must register in advance before the tournament start time of 2:00pm Central.
  • Team names should be appropriate and respectful.

3. Seeding:

  • Teams will be seeded based on their average MMR (Matchmaking Rating).
  • The tournament organizers may adjust seedings to balance the competition if necessary.

4. Match Settings:

  • Game Mode: Soccar (Standard)
  • Arena: DFH Stadium (or as agreed upon by both teams)
  • Match Time: 5 minutes
  • Overtime: Sudden Death
  • Series: Best of 3 (Winners Bracket) and Best of 1 (Losers Bracket)
  • Server: Use tournament standard servers for consistency.

5. Match Rules:

  • No Mutators are allowed.
  • All players must join the lobby within 7 minutes of being invited. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit.
  • Teams are responsible for ensuring fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • Deliberate stalling or time-wasting is not allowed.

6. Substitutions:

  • Teams may make substitutions between games but not during a game.
  • Substitutes must be registered team members.

7. Disconnections:

  • If a player disconnects during a game, the game continues unless both teams agree to restart.
  • If a disconnection occurs due to server issues, the game may be replayed.

8. Reporting Scores:

  • Teams must report the scores of their matches to tournament organizers.
  • Screenshots may be required for score verification.

9. Code of Conduct:

  • All participants must behave in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner.
  • Harassment, cheating, or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification.

10. Prize Distribution: - Specify the prizes for the winning teams (cash, merchandise, etc.).

11. Tournament Officials: - Appoint tournament officials or referees to resolve disputes and enforce the rules.

12. Rule Modifications: - Tournament organizers reserve the right to modify rules as needed for the fair and smooth operation of the event.

13. Schedule: - Publish a schedule detailing match start times and bracket progressions.

14. Venue Rules: - Participants and attendees must adhere to any rules or policies set by Element14 for the event.