Element14 | Dead by Daylight Tournament Rules

 Any changes to the Official Rules will be clearly communicated through the official Element14 Discord. Every Competitor must join the official Element14 discord prior to the tournament date, failure to do so will result in team disqualification.

Discord Link


 Tournament Format

  •  This tournament is played in four-person teams with one player from that team acting as their designated killer.

  • Upon being called for their match, teams will flip a coin to determine who plays killer first.

    • Points are scored by a team’s killer and their performance. The ways to score points are as follows;

      • 2 points per hook (3 hooks x 4 survivors = 24 points max)

      • 5 points per generator unrepaired (5 points x 5 generators = 25 points max)

      • 2 points per dead survivor (2 points x 4 survivors = 8 points max)

    • This equals a total of 57 points obtainable.

Add-on and Perk Restrictions

  • Killer Add-ons

    • Brown, Green, and Purple add-ons are allowed. 

  • Survivor Add-ons and Items

    • No event items may be used, this includes the current Blood Moon event interactables. No Keys or Maps. Survivor teams are not allowed duplicate items (no more than one toolbox, medkit, or flashlight). Brown, Green, and Purple add-ons are allowed.

  • Offerings

    • Offerings of any kind are not allowed.

  • Perk Restrictions

    • All Survivors must have unique perks. Survivors may not have duplicate perks or items.

Tournament Disputes

  • In order to protect the integrity of the tournament, one player from each team must be able to produce a full-match recording of any game for 24 hours after the match is played.

  • All players are strongly suggested to take advantage of the built in recording softwares on their home system.

    • Examples: Share button on Playstation and Xbox, Shadowplay on PC, Capture button on Nintendo Switch

  • In the event of disconnection, players are expected to provide a 30s clip of the disconnect as evidence to support any match dispute.


  • If any player disconnects before a generator is fixed, or before 1 total minute has passed, the game may be replayed immediately, at the discretion of Tournament Admins.

  • In any case where a player disconnects occurs after 1 minute has passed, proof of the error received when disconnection must be provided in order for any decision to be made. Failure to do so or lack of sufficient evidence will reward or remove 15 points from the Killer.

Survivor, Killer, and Map Selection

  • Survivors must choose a unique Survivor per player (no duplicate survivors).

  • The Twins and The Oni are banned from play due to exploits.

  • The map for the match will be decided at random.

General Rules

  • Tournament Check-In begins an hour before the first match starts at 4pm on March 30th. Any team that does not check-in will be disqualified.

  • Teams are encouraged to have team names.

  • Players' names MUST match their Discord username.

  • Competitors are welcome to stream their games, we do recommend a 3-5 minute delay.

  • Teams may NOT use console specific party chats. Competitors will use Element14’s Discord Voice Channels specifically for the Dead By Daylight tournament.

    • One exception to this is, a Killer may not be in a voice channel while playing to ensure teammates are not giving locations out.

  • Teams are given 10 minutes to report to their match; failure to do so will result in disqualification.

  • All games will be streamed live on Twitch at e14twitch.


  • The team who places 1st place will receive $100 for the team. Payments will be received through PayPal or CashApp.