Element14 | Super Smash Bros Ultimate 1v1 Tournament Rules

  1. Format: 1v1
  2. Stock: 3
  3. Time Limit: 7:00
  4. FS Meter: Off
  5. Fighters: All
  6. Items: Off
  7. Stages: All stages (Small Battlefield, Hollow Baston, Battlefield, Smashville, Pokemon Stadium 2, Town & City, Kalos Pokemon League, Final Destination, and Yoshi's Story)
  8. Stage Hazards: Off
  9. First Ban: RPS (Rock Paper Scissors)
  10. Winner of First Ban: Winner of first ban gets to ban 3 stages. Loser picks 2 stages from the current pool. Winner chooses out of those two stages. NO DSR.
  11. After Game 1: Winner of the last game states their character.  The loser will then do the same. Stage bans happen next.
  12. Game 2 Onwards: The winner of the last game bans 3 stages.
  13. Console: Nintendo Switch
  14. Number Of Games: All matches will be best of 3 until we reach Top 12.
  15. Match Day: All Matches will be played on May 27th
  16. Controllers: We will have Joy-Cons, and Pro Controllers Available.  Any outside controllers are welcome but will be at the risk of own player when connecting.  Must bring any necessary connections if bringing Gamecube controllers.
  17. Number of Players: 32 Players
  18. Entry Fee: $20 Per Player
  19. Prizes: $500 Grand Prize, $100 Second Prize, $40 Third Prize