Element14 | Guitar Hero


  • The tournament will be played in the standard head to head mode. We will be playing on original Guitar Hero on PS2 and XBOX360.

Lobby Setup:

  • All players will register individually, and bracket placement will be randomly assigned before tournament start.

Scoring System:

  • The scoring system will be based on highest score achieved after song. If there is a tie we will have tie breaker as outlined in "Tournament Structure" section below.

Tournament Structure:

  • Bracket System: The tournament will follow a bracket-style structure, with participants competing head-to-head against each other.
  • Seeding: Participants will be seeded randomly or based on a preliminary qualifying round, depending on the number of participants.
  • Song Selection: Tournament organizers will choose a predetermined setlist of songs that participants will play throughout the tournament. The same setlist will be used for each round.
  • Match Format: Each match consists of one song played by each participant. The player with the highest score advances to the next round. 
  • Tiebreakers: In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker song will be selected, and participants will play that song until a winner is determined.

Match Schedule:

  • Matches will flow according to bracket.  Must be checked in to play.

Single Elimination:

  • Each battle will be head to head and single elimination.

Fair Play:

  • All participants must adhere to fair play principles, including refraining from cheating, exploiting glitches, or using any unauthorized third-party software.


  • In case of disconnection or technical issues, the match will continue if it's possible to reconnect. If not, the affected duo may be considered eliminated, and the match will proceed accordingly.


1st - $200

2nd - $50

3rd - $20


Entry Fee:

$10 per Guitar Hero Competitor