Element14 | Fortnite Under 13 KR Tournament

Fortnite 1v1 Under 13 Kill Race Rules

Age Limit 13 Years Old


13 and Under Only Parents are welcome to signup kids  


Game Mode: Squads (Builds)


Game Format: You and your opponent will join the same game as one Squads team and compete to score the most kills. The player with the most combined kills at the end of the game wins.


Kills While Downed: All kills will count.

Reviving: Van respawns are legal. Kills scored by any respawned player will count.

Tiebreaker: If your team and your opposing team finish the game with the same amount of kills, the player with most damage wins.

Lag/Settings: After getting on the bus, any complaints on lag or pre-game settings will not be taken into consideration. No exceptions.

Kill Stealing: Kill-stealing is not against the rules. You and your opponent may work together to secure kills. "Stealing" kills is allowed and is part of the competitive nature of the match.

Interference & Obstruction: In general, you are not allowed to intentionally interfere with your opponent's attempts to move around the map or secure kills. However, interference calls are made strictly at the discretion of our admins.

Here are some things that are not allowed:

  • Breaking or purposely weakening any structure that your opponent has built or non built structures or cover by any means that is actively being used by your opponent.
  • Causing your opponent to miss shots.
  • Building in front of or around your opponent (intentionally preventing movement)

Common things that are allowed:

  • Attracting other opponents by firing guns around your teammate (opponent).
  • Boxing yourself in around a loot crate or chest.
  • Following your teammate (opponent).
  • Shooting down your own structure and launch pad (if you built them).


Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. There are other possible means of interference. We do our very best to maintain a fair and consistent experience but, as mentioned, all interference calls are strictly at the discretion of our admins.